Big Ass Iced Coffee is a woman-owned online coffee shop for cold brew lovers. Impatient cold brew lovers. Our instant iced coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Colombia. The beans are medium-roasted for a bold, smooth taste in Seattle, WA. Add one scoop of coffee crystals to cold water, shake and pour the naturally creamy Black Coffee over ice. That's it.

Our founder woke up one morning at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and thought, 'I just want a big ass iced coffee.' Nothing was open in Seattle and she was desperately homesick for the East Coast's oversized iced coffees. She took to TikTok and tried EVERYTHING. She ordered EVERYTHING. It was all terrible. So she decided to make it herself. And it is delicious.


We brew a fresh pot, then slowly freeze and heat for over 20 hours to produce fluffy coffee crystals that melt instantly in any temperature of water without losing its bold, smooth taste and naturally creamy foam. We know our instant iced coffee tastes better than anything on the market (just ask our founder, she tried it all!), so we don't cut any corners since our very first batch was made in 2020. 

Each bag of Black Coffee gives you 5-10 coffees depending on how you like to make it. We recommend starting with one tablespoon of Black Coffee added to one cup (8 oz.) of cold water.